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Sorry for the server outage, I would like to point out that the webserver is back online once again.

A new router has been configured and implemented.

Thanks again!


Ok.. I am bord and yesterday I finished installing my Ubuntu 6.06 workstation. Tonight I plan to install the correct graphics drivers and dress the desktop up with some fancy desktop wallpapers etc.

I think that one of the best places to find nice FREE graphics designs are on open-source websites, they are free and people have usually spent alot of time designing them. Here are some brilliant website for clean desktop backgrounds and icons.

 Awesome, free icons website:-

Recently installed my new Ubuntu workstation and have found an annoying problem with the screen resolution, I usually use 1280 x 1024 however the highest res it will allow at current is 1024 x 768,

 I have posted a queston about this problem, on the Ubuntu community forums below:-

I would like to apologise for the server downtime, The server went down last night at about 10.00pm (GMT) due to a router failure. The server will remain down until this evening until approximately 7.30pm (GMT). As currently I am at work this morning and was unable to purchase a new router as most shops etc. would have been closed.

During my lunch break today I will be going to PC World and purchasing a new ADSL router which when I get home this evening I will configure the settings and firewall.

Once again, I would like to say sorry for the downtime and I know this failure could’nt have come at a worser time as we have just released version 3.1.1.

We will be purchasing a more industrial srenght router to make sure that this does not happen again.

Hi all!!

I would like to say…. welcome to my new blog, I plan to keep this blog upto date with all my latest ideas, news from my development projects and much more.

You can also access my new blog (hosted by via. my personal URL.


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