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After numerious emails to Andy at Cybernetic-Servers I arranged to meet up with him at colchester to hand the server to him as he is taking it to Telehouse (London Docklands) this satuarday.

He is a great bloke and was so helpful I was really pleased with the service that I recieved from him/Cybernetic-Servers.

The server should be all configured and ready by Sataurday evening, Andy is going to email me with the server’s IP address and once recieved I will then point our domain name to the IP address, I will then use this as the Name Server address so the following two names will be setup:-

When people then want to point there domain to our DNS Server (Hosted on Maranello) using BIND9 they will have to enter the following to name servers: and The reason for this is all my other domains are hosted by UKREG and they do not allow you to create your own A,C & MX records. However I do have an account with easyDNS which enables me to do this fine.

I will then point BNASYSTEMS.CO.UK and all my other domains to the new name server (hosted on maranello – The core BNA Systems web server).


I spent last night compiling my Shared hosting server running on Ubuntu and using ISPConfig for the hosting panel. All is now working brilliantly! DNS and everything is all pukker! – Its awesome!

 So the server is now ready to go live in a production enviroment.

 Now I just need to sort out and arrange the hosting for this server and will be looking into cheap prices for server co-location.

Yesterday, I created a few test domains to see if all would work correctly and am pleased to say that its all working excelently! 🙂

We have decided to go with a business broadband package that enables us to have business broadband, This gives us a static IP address enabling us to setup a DNS server and provide shared web hosting on our network of webservers.

Our datacentre will be hosted at the main office, We will provide UPS (Power failure hardware) by hosting this service from our office instead of a datacentre we will have more money while we start up the company.

Then in time we will host web sites etc from Telehouse but for now we will sort out business broadband and host it from the BNA Systems office.

BNA Systems is a company owned and managed by myself. My partner is also very much involed as she is the Head accounts manager.

The company was formed in November 2006 and provides web hosting solutions on the Linux platform. Our web and application servers are or will be all hosted in a UK Datacentre (we are currently looking into Telehouse, London) this provides blisteringly fast connection speeds and is connected to the UK’s internet backbone.

Our aim is to provide a cheap but powerful web hosting solutions with our range of shared hosting solutions, managed application hosting and dedicated servers we are able to provide companies and indiviuals with an excelent service for a small fee. Over the next couple of years we plan to grow the company by purchasing rack mount servers and then installing and configuring Linux for the ultimate web hosting solution.

I will be the technical manager, dealing with all web servers, application and dedicated servers. Also providing email support for clients and making sure servers and backed up and monitoring of all server.

Nikki will be the Head of Accounts and therefore will be invoicing our clients and dealing with querys via email and keeping track of BNA Systems spending (Datacentre bills etc.)

When new clients open accounts with ourselves they will be given a Client Account Code, This will be issued by ISP Config and will look as follows ‘BNA0234’ we will have a database hosted on our intranet where Nikki will be able to log any querys that they have and will also provide infomation like invoices etc. Our client base will be stored on our internal server and will be powered by SQL. All employees will have access to this system, Employees will be able to find out infomation like package type, What server they are on, How much they are charged monthly, full contact details etc.

As soon as we have a new client sign-up we will then assign them to an account manager at present this will be Nikki, she will then email the client introducing herself etc. In the future when our client base gets bigger we will then get more account managers then when a new client comes on board, Nikki will allocate an account manager for the client it is then upto the account manager to email the client to introduce etc.

Maranello server arrived yesterday and I was playing around with the server, installed extra ECC memory (Server Memory) so now the server runs with 512 MB ECC Server RAM. I also upgraded the Hard Drive too the server when recieved came with an 18GB HDD, I now upgraded it to an IBM 100GB Hard drive.

The server will be setup as a Shared Server running ISP Config for the control panel and will be the primary Name Server for BNA Systems and will be given the following Domain name:-


This server is our first server and will run on Ubuntu 6.06 TLS with the Perfect ISP Setup which will include Mail and web hosting.

We will be providing services from here; People will be able to open four differant account types each costing differantly. The service plans for shared hosting will be as follows:-

Standard Package (£5.00 p/m)
1GB Premium Web Space
10 Email accounts
1x MySQL Database

Business Package (£8.00 p/m)
5GB Premium UK Web Space
50 Email address
3x MySQL Databases

Developer Package (£15.00 p/m)
5GB Premium UK Web Space
10 Email Addresses
SSH (Shell Access)
PHP Support
10x MySQL Databases

Reseller Package (£25.00 p/m)
20GB Premium UK Web Space
SSH (Shell Access).
Unlimited Email Accounts
Host multiple websites.
Custom DNS Entries

As well as shared hosting we also provide dedicated server and managed application packages. This server primarily will be setup and ONLY used for Shared Hosting packages; Once we have purchased a new server we will then be able to provide dedicated servers. At present we do not need to do this as we will build up an income from this server first as we need to start getting money in to pay for the collocation and then our expenses.

Last week I purchased a second hand Compaq DL320 Rack Mount Server (1u) to be the primary web application and DNS server for BNA Systems, Which eventually will be hosted in Telehouse, London.

The server will host our website ( as well as be the Primary DNS Server for all our colleges to use to point there domains too. The DNS Server will be running BIND9 (A well known and widely used Linux/UNIX DNS Server).

This evening I will be opening this puppy up and installing extra RAM (ECC) and adding an extra/larger Hard Drive.

This server is our first 1u Rack mount server to be hosted in our datacenter. This server will not be setup as a dedicated box, Instead will host our external websites (,, and As well as the DNS Server and setup and configured for our web hosting we will also be providing the Shared Hosting System on this server. (Installing the latest version of ZPanel)

I can’t wait to get my hand on this 🙂 I will post some photos of the server and server specs later on this evening.

Was playing around with my Virtual machines this evening as I am trying to create a stable build to put on the Offical BNA Systems web servers. One of the most annoying things is once you have OpenSSH installed you get the annoying default Ubuntu disclaimer etc.

 Anyways, After looking around on the net I found where the message is stored and then ammened the message using VIM with the following commnad:-

vi /etc/motd

You can also change the text that is displayed above the username and password text in the console, this can be done by editing the ‘issue’ file using the following command:-

vi /etc/issue 

You obviously need to save the changes back and then restart the SSH Daemon using this command:-

/etc/init.d/ssh restart

and that it! See what happens 🙂


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