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Features for Motha/TyGer!

Posted on: November 9, 2006

Building the best PHP/MySQL requires lots of features combined into a secure and nice looking system. We feel that one of those things that this bug tracking system requires is a customisable security system.

Security System
Some bug tracking system administrators may want there user’s to be able to view/search bugs etc for posting news on there websites an the like. However some systems will want to provide a secure system so that only employee’s or project members have access to bug data and access to the system. We can accomplish this with a setting in the admin panel were the administrator can decide from the admin panel if the system is going to work in either ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ mode. If set the ‘Private’ users session control will then be enabled on the following pages: Search, View All Bugs, View Bug, Print bug etc. There will also be a link on the system config where admins can disable User registrations so that only internal employee’s or project members will be able to login only the admin will be able to be setup users account in the admin panel. If the system is in ‘Public Mode’ sessions will be disabled and user’s when they goto the root directory of the tracking system they will be diverted via HTTP Headers to the View Bugs page rather than when a succesfull login is found and they are taken to their ‘My View’. Even if the BTS is in Public mode users will be able to login to report bugs and post notes to exsisting bug reports, Sessions will be enabled on Report new bugs and new notes etc so that the users infomation is added to posts, If the user is a public user that has not logged in and they try to post a bug or note they will be redirected to the Login screen.

Rich GUI
I feel that it is important in todays web applications to provide a Rich GUI (Graphical User Interface). We will accomplish this using Javascript text editors to give the end user an easy to use text box so that creating hyperlinks and setting text to bold is easy. For this I will be using FCKEditor, It is a nice, lightweight web enabled text editor that is perfect for what we need. The Text editor will be used as much as possible within the application. Another thing that we are working towards it shiney design buttons using images, I have found a wonderful website called the Tango desktop project and we will be using many of the Icons from that site for certain buttons within the application for Print Buttons, Export to CVS, Add Note, Search etc. etc.

Advanced Bug View
Having looked at Ximian’s bugzilla deployment and checking out a few of the reported bugs there, The interface that Bugzilla displays the bug data is brilliant, They use HTML form objects to display this which I also plan to do. Instead of creating two pages one for viewing bugs and another one for editing bug data, instead I will code a peice in that if the user has rights to edit data the ‘Commit Changes’ button will display which will then allow the user to submit the changes otherwise the button will be (hidden) disabled by a PHP IF command. The form will also contain multiple choice menus etc.

Customisable Menu’s
From the administration panel, Users will be able to add options to menus, These will include menu items for the following:-

Product/Project Version/Build
Operating System

Also we will be providing four additonal drop down menus of which the label of the menu is fully customisable as well, This will allow system administrators to taylor required infomation for there services/products for example a Web Hosting supplier may wish to use one drop down menu and label it as ‘Affect Server’ and list all their companys servers in there this will allow them to track the problematic servers. Or a Software company may want to use on called ‘Programming Language’ and list several languages eg. PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby etc. If they are developing for several software server types.

For now, This is all I can think of, I will add other blog posts as I come up with other features etc.

However check out this:- the layout of this report and form options is how I plan to layout bug view/edit page (with all the form data as well as text etc.).

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