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Zantastico – Discontinued!

Posted on: December 4, 2006

Zee-Way services (Developers of ZPanel) have been developing there latest release (v.3) they have intergrated Zantastico into the Control panel however have given no notice that the system is using Zantastico, This I must say is very upsetting as I have developed the code and maintained the package for a good couple of years now.

So I think it is time to call it an end! 😦 Zantastico will not go anywhere the code is still included in the latest version of Zantastico but without the ‘Trade Name’ – Zantastico.

 So thats the end of Zantastico  (Development and Support from me) 😦

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I am really sorry to read about the Zantastic Project Ceasing, but I do totaly understand, as things like that have happend to me before.
I spent 2 years and 4 months, developing a code just to be snubbed at the end.

I wish you look for now and in the future.

All the best.


PS:- Sorry about this, but if you want to, you can contacy me via either or you can goto my other site, and contact me from their.

If you ever need any help then please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I will do what I can to help you.

Hey Simon, thanks for your comments 🙂

I agree, It is most annoying when some one steels your work 😦

So do you use Zantastico then? Thanks for all your kind words buddy.

Kindest regards, Bobby 🙂

Hello again :-D,

Yep I do Use Zant. it’s one of the easiest installer scripts I have came across, esp. if people don’t know how to do all the config stuff, their selves.
As I remember all the MySql, php, stuff, was daunting in the beginning, but your scripts make it much easier more or less point and click, no hard “Brain” work for the end users (Inc. Server Admins).;-) 😀

It is just a pitty that this had to happen to all your hard work that you have put into Zantastico project.

Their are always a few exeptions to the rules I guess.
1 You work for the company who produced the software, and you can put a footnot with programmers/testers names, I think that would be ok.
2:- You have done a complete rewrite, removed and bugs etc. Just as long as you give credit to the origional people who wrote and came up with the idea, Although this for me is a very gray area.
3:- Last but not least, if you have paid for the right to do so, like I have in some source codes that I use, I stillhave kept intacked their Licences, and some other things, like links back to their home page. all I have done is paid for the right to put a footer within the scripts. Not exactly the same thing I know, but instead of saying something like (C) it would now read something like Powerd By SS Server.

Can I ask what do you think.?

Take care all the best,

For now and in the future,
Simon 😀

All the best. Simon

It is really bad as to what has happened, but discontinuing zantastico hurts us all as a community, i give great efforts to show your work and i love your work very much. I know u might not agree with me, but what he done was a bad thing, it hurt you and it hurts alot of us who use it, i fully say im behind zantastico 100%. you give help to people who don’t know php, or are alil less knowledgeable than you, i look at you both as a friend in the cyber world, and a mentor. so i am only asking you to look at this as a speed bump. thank you, ur cyber friend from America, Michael irvine

Hello, Cyber Friend General Snipe.

I like the idea you have about the Dump thing. I hope Mr Allen would also agree.:-)

You are right not only did it hurt Bobby, but all of us, it is a great shame, that this had to happen,. like it did.
That is one main prob, with open source, a lot of people use open source as a traning device or as a mod for something they are working on.

But a few and it is only a few people out their, use other peoples source code, without giving propper credit, and try to pass it off as their own. Shame Really, open source being tarnished by the few.

That is why I feel that a lot of people are starting to move away from Open Source. Which is a massive shame, as I started our on open source, and I am still 100% behind the philo, and idealistics of Open Source.

Like I have just created a Zpanel Mod, “Open Source” bassed on how Zantastice works, I have given Bobby Allen credit, within the code, and also a link to this site, as the Zantastico site is no longer online.

I hope to hear from either of you, or anyone else who just wants a chat.

My E-Mail address is

All the best.


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