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Tyger GUI Text Editor

Posted on: December 7, 2006

Last night I did some more work on Tyger, The search page is almost complete. I must say that I am enjoying working on Tyger and that I reckon that it will be a bigger hit that both AnvilMAX and Iguana.

The seach page is simple but effective,  It allows the user to type in key words that after the query is submitted, Tyger will then search the entire Tyger SQL database for keywords matching that of the search query. I also plan to add a link so that the user can also execute an advanced search query in which the system will provide a GUI which enables the user to search the database with drop down menus and options for ‘and’ , ‘or’ and ‘not’ this will then provide end users with an advanced search facility.

Bug reporting and many other parts of the system that require the administrator or bug reporters to enter full text data (eg. Bug discriptions or Bug notes) will be provided with a Rich text editor that enables HTML code. We are currently looking at implementing the ‘fckeditor’ which is an opensource Rich Text Editor that can be found here:-

 Tonight I hope to complete the bug report page that will be devided into sepeate sections, thus being: Normal and Advanced (All on the same page) this allows bug reporters that know what they are doing etc. to enter advanced bug reports (more infomation) like OS Version and Addional infomation.

I hope that I can configure the FCKEditor to appear minimised when the page is loaded, So if the user does wish to use the advanced commands they can maximise the system.

I will look into this and update when I have a solution.

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