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I have been working on the new features for the next release of Tyger which is projected to be release sometime this weekend ready for Monday. We have packed it full of new features so I thought I would let have a little taster:-

  • Edit Bug Notes
  • Delete Bug Notes
  • Delete Uploaded Files
  • Added total number of bug notes to the ‘ViewReport’ page.
  • Have replaced ‘delete’ text links on the front end with images with Alpha Transparency to blend nicely with all status colours.
  • Form validation added to Search Query
  • Custom number of rows displayed now customisable from the admin panel.
  • Closed bug email now included the bug summary.

Here are a few more features that are still to be added this evening and over teh weekend which are as follows:

  •  Password Encryption (both methods SHA1 & MD5)
  • Links to show/hide closed bugs on ‘View Bugs’
  • Remember my password system. (not confirmed as yet)
  • Fast Jump to note numbers. (Named Ancors)

I have also resolved all known bugs to-date (Bugs reported by myself and users at our bug tracking system:-

For more infomation or to visit the homepage please goto:


There has been a few bugs that have been logged at our bug tracking system at which have been resolved as well as numerious new feature requests that have been added to the next version.

We still have about 5 new features to be added to the system which should be completed by Sataurday and therefore I will then begin to package and release the new version of Tyger Bug Tracking System which will be 1.1.4 this should be release for Monday.

For more infomation please visit the Tyger Bug Tracking System homepage at: 

I recently download Firefox 2, I must say I love it so much better that Firefox 1.x, The standard GUI is awesome, I think the Mozilla Development team have done a really awesome job with it.

I would like to just post a thank you!  So thank you Mozilla for this awesome browser!

It has such a clean interface design I think it is really awesome, I have also now installed Firefox 2 onto my PC at work (currently writing this entry on) and I just love it! Its such a great browser with an awesome GUI! 🙂

My next project named ‘gaZell’ pronouced ‘ga zelle’ as in the animal (Gazell) – Quick.

The system is a highly portable, customisable and powerful, fast, enterprise ready forum package release under the CC:SA license. The system will be developed to be easily portable into any exsisting website.

The kind of users we are expecting to reach are large development projects that have extreme amounts of posts added daily, by default the system will have a very simple layout and very standard admin control panel.

Extra features will include RSS functionality, Customisable Email Notifications (with SMTP Support) for complete scalability.

The forum package I hope to combine the power and functionality of both porum and my little forum packages, I think a ‘best-of-both bread’ will be good.

The reason for developing this software is due to the fact that my other projects Tyger Bug Tracking System and Iguana Server Stats both need a good forum to power the user community and I specifically require SMTP mail support which is something that my little forum does not support.

I will now be adding a new project to the offical Tyger Bug Tracking system bug tracker and development for the project will begin soon.

 Sorry I have not posted much on here recently I have been extremely busy getting my new network of web servers up and running (installing Linux, configuring, imaging, re-arranging exsisting network layout etc.)

However im back and have quite alot to report on which I will do in abit!

as im atwork today 😦

 Have just looked outside to see that its snowing!!!

its…  snow-joke!


Originally Posted by Littleweseth View Post

Also, is there a better way to get my files onto my local, private webserver than ftp? FTP tends to be finicky, delicate, and quanta has already nuked one project off my hard drive via a slight misconfiguration (inspired, of course, by the crappy error messages quanta gives and having nothing at all to do with me or the time of night )

have you considered using rsync? i just set this up yesterday on my mac so i have a single command to sync a whole directory onto a server on my lan.


rsync -av localwebdir/ user@server:/var/www/

rsync also has the benefit of only transferring files that have modified, so if you have 100+ web pages/images/etc and you only update 2 or 3 pages, then only those 2 pages get sent to the server.

one thing to note with this is that the /var/www/ directory and subdirectories must be owned by the user that is logging in via rsync. since rsync uses ssh for its connection, you can use public/private key login with ssh from your local box and not have to type a password when updating the web folders on the server!

read “man rsync” for more info on the exact syntax of the command.

Yesterday, at work I was browsing over the net in a quiet period and found this amazing tutorial of how to image your linux hard-drives, The software is called Ghost4Linux and oh boy….. I downloaded it last night, tested it out and all I can say is…. Its AWESOME!!

The software enables you to clone linux partitions as well as NTFS disks, so yes you can also image Windows NT Operating systems 🙂

I love this software so much, mainly I think due to the fact that it is free but also as you can image a workstation or server over FTP, I have now decided that I am going to image all my Linux Servers and Windows workstations with this brilliant software and have a dedicated Image Server. I just can’t thank the two developers enough!

Here is a tutorial if anyone is interested:-

How to Backup and Restore Hard Drives with Ghost4Linux

or you can visit the project site hosted by Sourceforge at:-


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