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Posted on: January 17, 2007

Yesterday, at work I was browsing over the net in a quiet period and found this amazing tutorial of how to image your linux hard-drives, The software is called Ghost4Linux and oh boy….. I downloaded it last night, tested it out and all I can say is…. Its AWESOME!!

The software enables you to clone linux partitions as well as NTFS disks, so yes you can also image Windows NT Operating systems 🙂

I love this software so much, mainly I think due to the fact that it is free but also as you can image a workstation or server over FTP, I have now decided that I am going to image all my Linux Servers and Windows workstations with this brilliant software and have a dedicated Image Server. I just can’t thank the two developers enough!

Here is a tutorial if anyone is interested:-

How to Backup and Restore Hard Drives with Ghost4Linux

or you can visit the project site hosted by Sourceforge at:-


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