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Let me examplain… my reasons for JAVA

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Hi everyone, sorry I havent been posting much recently this is mainly due to me being busy at work and on other projects I am currently working on such as my new web-based MMORPG (I will post more about this soon!)

Anyway so…

I have decided to start learning to develop applications in JAVA mainly my reasons for doing so are as follows:-

  • Java is platform independant (Runs on Windows, Linux & UNIX)
  • Java is maintained by Sun Microsystems (A big player)
  • Java is NOT developed or in anyways associated with Micro$oft!!!
  • Java is free and open-source.

I will be keeping my blog updated over the next couple of weeks with tips, tricks and how-to’s so others like me can learn and hopefully start developing some really awesome applications.

For now, please go and download the following peices of software if you intend to follow my tutorials in my up-coming blog posts…

Firstly we will need to download the JDK (Java Development Kit) This is required by NetBean’s (The Opensource IDE that I will be using), The JDK will enable us to test and deploy our applications this also intergrates with NetBeans to enable faster testing etc!! I have downloaded and currently using JDK 6 (Update 10), You can download your copy from here: – To install just run the downloaded installer and accept all defaults.

Now, NetBean’s is a multi-language development IDE from what I have seen from it so far, It really is a good peice of kit, I have downloaded version NetBeans 6.1, You can download your copy from here:, I simply download the bundle named (Web & JAVA EE).

When installing Netbeans you can simply follow the installer accepting the defaults if you want to however, I decided to uncheck the Application Server installation as I do not intend to using NetBeans nor Java to develop Web based application (As I am much more fulent with PHP)… So simply just untick the following two options from the installer.

  1. GlassFish V2 URL2
  2. Apache Tomcat 6.0.16

Then continue… You’ll then have to accept the license agreement and accept the program installation directory then the software will install application and all other required file etc. – The installer will use ~300MiB to install the IDE (So just be sure you have enough room on your PC) :).

So thats all for now folks, I will continue to play around with the software and post any interesting infomation etc as my experience as a JAVA developer grows 🙂


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