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VB .net 2008 compared to JAVA seems a breeze!

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Since downloading and installing Microsoft VB .net 2008 Express edition yesterday and then playing with it last night whilst at home I managed to build a simple application to connect to a MySQL database and show table records (with corrisponding data using a ‘JOIN’ statement) and I must say I throughly enjoyed it.

A couple of days ago I started playing with the JAVA JDK6 (Update 10) using NetBeans and although NetBeans comes bundled with a few sample apps even looking at the code I didn’t really understand what the JAVA source was doing however really did seem simple and I felt that I understood what the code was doing.

I now intend to start and play with, Create a few application etc.

Since developing software for the internet mainly using PHP as well as ColdFusion I have always used MySQL for a number of reasons really…

  • Supported well by the community
  • Its Opensource (Free)
  • Owned by one of the Technoligy giants (Sun Microsystems)

As I have always really used MySQL and am comfortable with it, I still intend to keep using it and most of my applications I will be building will be using MySQL as its back end. – However now Microsoft have released SQL Server 2008 Express edition which is also freely avaliable (with some limitations however) I may even use that from time to time.

So how is VB .net 2008 going to help me, what will I be using it for?? – Well to be honest I’ve never really gotten into developing System Applications and in the past have dedicated my time to developing Web Applications but everyday I see solutions that I feel would definetly work well in conjunction with certain web applications I have developed in the past for example:-

  • Bug Tracking systems – Client to add a bug directly from a user desktop.
  • Bug Tracking systems – Developers task list application.
  • Social network sites – Instant Messenger based on friends list.
  • Software Deployment suite – Download and install client (running as a service)
  • Corporate Web Applications – BackOffice tool to create, edit and ammend records.

Really the list is endless with what you can do and I intend on furthering my knowledge with this language and implement database connected applications for many of my exisiting projects.


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