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I have now started putting a new website together for Zantastico on Sourceforge, People can now download and get infomation regarding Zantastico for both zPanel and CorePanel.

The website is located here:


I have been recently working on developing a web hosting panel designed for Windows, The panel is called CorePanel and will be avaliable to purchase online very soon, We are just adding a few final features to it, Its not expensive, The money raised from sales will be used for my daughters trust fund.

CorePanel is designed to be run on Microsoft Windows with Apache, MySQL, PHP, hMailServer and SlimFTPd. The control panel enables users to create mysql databases, remote db backups, vhosts, mailboxes, fowarders, FTP accounts and much more.

I have previously found that ZPanel was a nightmare to be honest, You didnt really have the opertunity to have an area to manage FTP accounts and Mailboxes etc, That is why I have decided to develop and release this control panel.

So now…

 I plan to release a brand new version of Zantastico which will have a site hosted here:

We will also keep the older versions of Zantastico (those developed for Zpanel) so Zpanel users can download them.

However the new version of Zantastico will have many new features and provide more packages than ever before.

You can see my progress with Zantastico and CorePanel on my new blog found here:

My latest idea…

Now that I am running my own company and am trying to earn a living. I am planning on developing a new version of Zantastico, This will be called ‘ZantasticoX’ this will be a premium module for Zpanel software. Zantastico is a script deployment (like installer) for Zpanel.

ZantasticoX will cost approx £20 (GBP) per server, The software is licensed to the person/company who purchases it. The module will contain loads of new and updated exsisting packages as well as an automated installer and improved GUI.

I am currently researching if this product would intrest the Zpanel community and whether people would pay for such software. If you are interested please post your comments at the Zpanel forums in the thread that I have created asking for feedback, The thread can be found here:-

Zee-Way services (Developers of ZPanel) have been developing there latest release (v.3) they have intergrated Zantastico into the Control panel however have given no notice that the system is using Zantastico, This I must say is very upsetting as I have developed the code and maintained the package for a good couple of years now.

So I think it is time to call it an end! 😦 Zantastico will not go anywhere the code is still included in the latest version of Zantastico but without the ‘Trade Name’ – Zantastico.

 So thats the end of Zantastico  (Development and Support from me) 😦

Recently we released Zantastico V3.1.1 (3 days ago to be precise!) this package was built on the framework for Zantastico V3, The release 3.1.1 contained updated packages and resolved a few bugs. The exsisting framework for version 3 is ok, Its stable and does what it should do, However…

We will be developing a new platform, version 4 which we hope to release in december will contain alot more software packages, special menu system, a template system and the Zantastico App will actually open in a new window, The window will enable use to provide a standard interface which we plan it to be skinable.

The new package will be alot larger as we will be packing more packages, The new framework will provide the capibilitys for packages that have installers in other directorys to be ‘jumped’ to instead of just pointing the user’s browser to the root package folder (which currently, must contain the installer!).

We will release version 4 (the new framework) as a beta release as in the early stages it may be buggy and we hope that user’s will be able to report bugs to the bug tracking system (

We will also provide a script so that the hosting company can submit the name of there company, and their web address… This infomation will be displayed on our offical website here:-

Sorry for the server outage, I would like to point out that the webserver is back online once again.

A new router has been configured and implemented.

Thanks again!

I would like to apologise for the server downtime, The server went down last night at about 10.00pm (GMT) due to a router failure. The server will remain down until this evening until approximately 7.30pm (GMT). As currently I am at work this morning and was unable to purchase a new router as most shops etc. would have been closed.

During my lunch break today I will be going to PC World and purchasing a new ADSL router which when I get home this evening I will configure the settings and firewall.

Once again, I would like to say sorry for the downtime and I know this failure could’nt have come at a worser time as we have just released version 3.1.1.

We will be purchasing a more industrial srenght router to make sure that this does not happen again.


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